Owning a Dog

Dog ownership is a responsibility and a pleasure. 

Being such a friendly and sociable creature the dog has 'social needs' as well as physical needs. The dog also has emotional and intellectual needs.

Social Needs of the Dog

Dogs are pack animals.  They have a strong need to be with others.  Way back in the days before dogs were socialised to be friends with humans, they stayed in dog packs which were social groups. Dog members of the group had different roles and status just as human groups do.  These related to reproduction and nurturing of pups as well as hunting and providing for themselves and others in the group. 

There were jealousies amongst members of the dog pack in ancient times
just as there are in human families.

Boss dog: there was also a pecking order amongst the dogs according to age, sex, health and strength.

Dogs have not lost this dog pack mentality.  It is quite evident if you take time to reflect on your dog's behaviours.  The main thing for the dog owner to know is that your dog needs to be with you at all times.  That is hard and sometimes quite impossible with people often working or caring for children and other family members, shopping etc.  A good solution is to have two dogs.  If the dogs are well matched and compatible then they will keep each other company but still be ever so glad of their daily time with you. 

Physical Needs of the Dog

Dogs need food, shelter, exercise, skin and coat care, worm, flea, tick and ear mite protection. They also need dental care.  All this care is available from pet shops and the vet however it comes at a cost.  Shopping around can save money and a good starting point is Dog Deals Direct which is an online dog product comparison shopping site with high quality dog products at keen prices.

Emotional and Intellectual Needs of the Dog

In the dog pack life can be tough and dogs can be sad if they are at the bottom of the pecking order however most dogs will find a friend in the dog pack and thus have some of their emotional needs met.

People don't always take the dog's feelings of well being into account when they scold them or lock them away from family life, away from their beloved owner. Sometimes people buy or adopt a dog or puppy and then tire of caring for it and abandon the dog.  Dogs always give their love to the people who care for them because they regard the people as part of their pack.

Animals are not toys!

People should think carefully before they get a pet.  Sometimes they think little ones like guinea pigs require little to no care!  Wrong! Little pets need just as much care as the big ones and sometimes even more!  I found these animal toys on the net and thought I would share the link just in case we need to guide folk to a real toy rather than a poorly planned pet purchase! Visit to see the animal kids toys!

Easter Holidays with Pets

Easter Holiday Time is upon us and for some that can mean happy days wandering with our dog or playing with our kitten or pet bird, rabbit or other pet while for others pet care during a vacation can mean additional stress!  What can we do with our pets while we are away!?

People love their pets and so they want them to be cared for just like when they are home but many don't have family or friends that they can call on who are willing to take on the role of a 'pet parent'!

In these cases there are two options.  One is to board your pet with a pet boarding kennel or cattery.  The second is to call in a 'pet minder' or as some call them 'pet sitter' service.  There are some available on our website in the Pet Boarding category and if you don't find one near you then try the pet boarding categories on The Pet Directory website.

Your mind can be pretty much at ease if you choose carefully and ask for references.  Most pet sitters or minders are police checked and will go overboard to care for your pets just as you would.  Some provide a walking service as well and there are usually other extras such as hydrobathing and grooming that you can take advantage of and spoil your pet a little while you are not there.

Sometimes it may feel a bit weird having a total stranger mind your pets rather than a trusted friend but from all reports they are actually safer being cared for by a competent animal expert.  Next holiday they won't be strangers to you either!