Dogs can have a smart phone too ... on their nails!

Canine nail artist Zara Shaw of Newcastle, NSW, certainly 'nailed it' at the 2013 GroomEx event in Melbourne last month. The 23-year-old self-taught nail artist and professional dog groomer is "absolutely ecstatic" about winning at the prestigious contest with her IPhone APPS nail art design.
"I was so pleased with myself because I put in so much hard work. The judge (world class groomer Judy Hudson) even wanted photos of my work to take back to America," she said.
Just like how fashion changes in women, canine nail art is a new fashion that's coming into the dog world, Ms Shaw added.
"I enjoy doing nail art because I'm quite artistic. Throughout school I loved art," she said. "My friends think it's crazy. They are proud of me but they still make jokes about painting their dogs' nails!"
Ms Shaw currently works at her family-run business Dogoverboard, "the complete canine care centre" in Adamstown, where pooches get pampered with grooming, massage, fresh water bathing with hand drying, indoor heated swimming pool, daycare, puppy preschool, hydrotherapy and myofunctional therapy.
"We also opened Australia's first Canine Nail Art Bar - just like a ladies nail bar, but we have a selection of nail art photos to choose from," she said.
Ms Shaw's inspiration comes from the dogs and owners around her.
"Sometimes owners will suggest a design or show their own nails and want matching nails for their dog," she said. "I had one client who was into Angry Birds so I painted them on her dog's nails, and she has a huge, black Newfoundland dog!"

PM warned: Animal welfare standards non-negotiable

The RSPCA is urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott not to use animal welfare as a bargaining chip in his discussions with the Indonesian government next week.

Following the live cattle export horrors exposed in 2011, the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) was implemented to provide minimal animal welfare safeguards in importing countries – it is vital this system is maintained.

“Images of horrific treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs are burned into the minds of the Australian public – our animals must never suffer like that again,” said Mrs Lynne Bradshaw, RSPCA Australia President.

ESCAS requires Indonesian abattoirs to be audited against international guidelines before animals can be exported.

“Mr Abbott must remember that this system was put in place for a very good reason and animal welfare needs to remain a priority as long as the live export trade continues.”

Newly appointed Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce echoed the nation’s sentiments back in 2011 when his reaction to the footage was ‘one of horror, one of disgust’.

“Any dilution of ESCAS would put animals at risk. Whilst ever we export animals for slaughter, it’s imperative that these minimum standards are maintained,” said Mrs Bradshaw.

Cage egg production to be outlawed in ACT

Cage egg production Hens Hens


A bill to end the use of battery cages for egg production in the ACT has been tabled and is predicted to be passed next month. If passed, this bill means battery cages will not be allowed in the nation’s capital - saving hens from a life of intense confinement.

This is big news, but now it’s time for the rest of Australia to get on board too.

Hens must be housed so they have access to a nest to lay their eggs, litter to dust bathe, sufficient space to move around freely, flap their wings, stretch and socialise.

You have the power to make change happen in your state. Write to your relevant state minister and demand immediate action is taken to end battery cages once and for all.

This is your opportunity to help make the WHOLE of Australia cage free. Step forward today and help change the lives of hens in your state.

Australian hens deserve better!


Want to help keep tails wagging in September and October?

Happy Tails Day is a great and easy way to support the work of the RSPCA.

An exclusive Happy Tails Day merchandise range is currently available for purchase, with funds raised going to the RSPCA to help care for animals just like our 2013 heroes Stormy, Flash, Jett, Elliot and Moon Cloud. You can even purchase fantastic plush toys of our heroes!

So don’t miss out on this exclusive range – visit to register to fundraise or look out for Happy Tails Day merchandise in Big W stores and Bendigo Bank branches around the country. But be quick, stocks are limited!


Pet Rescue

Pet rescue is a big thing these days in the world of animals in Australia and in fact around the world.  Over the last few years hundreds of pet rescue and dog rescue, cat rescue, rabbit rescue organisations have sprung up in all Australian states.  

These rescue groups are often started as just a few people who band together to try to save animals from council dog pounds who later feel the need for funding and getting their project a little more organised and they register their group with an organisation name with the Australian Government.

Many remain unregistered or unincorporated rescue groups and continue their work with funding from their own pockets.

There are some excellent groups out their both incorporated and unincorporated.

Vets concerned over rise in porky pets


FAST food, roast chicken and cream cheese are turning our beloved pets into over-fed, fatso furballs.  No exercise and modern life has had a bad effect on our pets' figures!  Christmas is a particularly bad time for overtreating pets! and people too!

Treating cats and dogs as family members by heaping human helpings on them at meal times is taking a heavy toll, vets warn.

Skippy Voted Australia's Most Iconic Animal


Our wonderful Australian kangaroo!  SKIPPY has knocked out Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo, as well as Phar Lap and Fatso the Wombat to be voted Australia's most iconic animal.

A total of 836 people responded to an online VetShopAustralia survey, with Skippy the Bush Kangaroo attracting the most votes - 29 per cent of votes.

Legendary racehorse Phar Lap was second with 21 per cent of votes.

Surprisingly, the dog that said "bugger" in a Toyota commercial came third with 15 per cent, ahead of Simpson's Donkey (12 per cent), Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo (9 per cent) and the Dog on the Tucker Box (4 per cent).

Eight per cent voted for Mr Percival from the children's book and film Storm Boy, while Fatso the Wombat from the long-running drama series A Country Practice lagged the field, pulling just two per cent of votes.

"Skippy is perhaps Australia's greatest television export and an icon not only to Australians but people worldwide," VetShopAustralia chief vet Dr Mark Perissinotto said in a statement on Monday.

"No wonder people love her - the remarkable eastern grey kangaroo can understand and communicate with humans, rescue hapless bushwalkers, foil villains, open doors, play the drums and even make phone calls, among a host of other amazing feats."

Dr Perissinotto said while the survey was a bit of fun, it showed what an incredible influence animals, real or otherwise, have had and continue to have on Australia.

"Australians have always had a soft spot for animals," he said.

"Those like Simpson's Donkey and Phar Lap are etched into our history and national psyche, we grew up with others like Skippy and Fatso while some, like the cursing Toyota dog, simply make us laugh."